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Airbnb Interior Design Trends to Make Your Rental More Stylish and Inviting

Most Airbnb guests prefer to opt for properties with aesthetically pleasing interiors. That is why Airbnb rental owners must put essential care into the interior decor of the properties, as it can considerably impact their bookings. 
However, designing an Airbnb can be somewhat tricky. But don’t worry. This blog will discuss Airbnb interior design trends that will make your rental space stylish and inviting. Let’s begin.

Minimal Style

You can always go right with a minimalistic theme. And as minimalism is too much in trend these days, we are sure your guests would like a minimally styled Airbnb property. Minimalism would look even better if you have a stunning architecture that needs to be shown off.

A simple way of adapting a minimal style in your Airbnb is by decluttering your space. Make sure the place is free from unnecessary items, be it furniture or decor. Try making it more inviting and comfortable and work with a less is more mindset.  

Dark Wooden Flooring

First and foremost, wooden flooring provides excellent value for your money. Although the initial expense can be a little more, consider the overall life of the flooring. Secondly, a hardwood floor can complement any style. No matter what style you want – rustic charm or contemporary chic, wooden flooring will spark up the look of your property. 


And if it is dark flooring, it will be a win-win. Dark wooden flooring is the best choice when you are looking for a high-end aesthetic and low maintenance. More importantly, dark wooden floorings are super easy to clean. Also, dark floors do not show evidence of scratches too. 

Sustainable and Durable Decor

While you work on the Airbnb interior design or style of your property, there are a few things to consider. Investing in high-quality, durable furniture that lasts a lifetime is always better. Opt for timeless pieces that will stay the same even after aging.

You can also go for sunroofs and open window plans to make the place brighter and more inviting, allowing natural light to come in. Apart from that, insulation is another sustainable thing you can choose for your Airbnb rental apartments. It serves a dual purpose – keeping the house cool during the hot summers, thus helping reduce the electricity bill, and keeping the house warm during winters.

Chic Outdoor Living Spaces

While styling an Airbnb rental place, you need to remember that your place will accommodate not only guests that will be business travelers but also families with kids and children. So, try designing a site that suits the requirements of the kids and makes it enjoyable for them. Create a safe space for them to play; you may provide outdoor games or toys or install a swing. 

An appealing outdoor space is a perfect way of attracting more guests. From the adult point of view, you can showcase an outdoor living space such as a patio, porch, or balcony that offers your guests comfort both indoors and outdoors.

A Statement Element

You can let your space stand out by adding a statement element. Every room donning a stunning piece would be the perfect thing to do. There is no need to add a chandelier to every place because you can also make a statement by adding a simple art piece from the local artisans.

Plants are another thing that can bring your room to life. But make sure these statement elements are manageable and that they take over your entire space. 

Be Playful With Colour

Neutral is undoubtedly the perfect option to style your room when you are going for something classic. However, you are not bound to stick with the neutral color palette for the interior design of your Airbnb rental space. Feel free to add some color to the space and make it more playful. 

However, stay moderate if you want to look stylish and inviting. We want your place to look manageable to your guests. Try sticking to the tones of the same color family or choose the ones that complement each other and have a close relationship. 

Excellent Lighting

Good lighting creates a mood. Try bringing natural light to your room via big windows or mirrors. If you want something unique and stylish, install a hanging light. No matter what option you choose, only install one light source. Multiple lighting options will make your place more lit, stylish, and less boring.

A Cozy Working Environment

A comfortable workspace is one of the crucial aspects for all Airbnb property owners, especially if they are targeting workationers. Try styling a workspace that is quiet, comfortable, and secluded (but make sure there is a good enough internet connection). Even if you are not targeting businessmen or women, including a workspace in the rental space would give you an extra brownie point.

Make Them Feel at Home

Most Airbnb rental spaces do not feel too homey. Try adding some comfort and personal touches to create the feeling of home. You can include things like a coat rack, shoe rack, etc., for easy removal after coming back.

Incorporate good quality plush pillows into your Airbnb decor and place enough amenities for the guests to use, be it the towel for the pool or the bathroom or the chairs to be placed around the table. These are the little things that make a difference.

Wrapping Up

Getting the perfect Airbnb design that aligns with your guest’s preferences might take time, especially in areas with a large number of competitors. But don’t worry. With these tips and the best Airbnb interior design and decor services of Relaxy Stay, you can turn your Airbnb rental property into something exciting and extraordinary.