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Realxy Stay is one of the leading property rental management company in dubai

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The Relaxy Stay Calculator estimates your revenue potential based on area, property size, and interior design.

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As the owner, you will earn money from guests staying at your property. The income varies due to seasonality, price, and occupancy. Guests will always pay above the long-term rent price, due to the property being 100% equipped for guests – with full interiors, working utilities, and ease of moving in/out. The best part about short-term rental is that you can sell whenever you want, as you are not locked into a long-term let. You earn money while your asset appreciates – perfect!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Income Estimate FAQs

Our Dubai commission is 17%. Check our pricing page for more details on this.

Yes! Guests will always pay a big premium for properties that are well-furnished and ready to move into. Even considering the costs associated with property management, holiday homes are very profitable for the owners.

We use a combination of pricing algorithms and manual adjustments to ensure our pricing is fair and competitive and the owners make the most money. The price goes up and down based on demand and supply. We manage this process fully.

Yes definitely – the property appreciates as normal as per the market. The best part is that you make money throughout. We also find that many buyers target holiday homes and pay more (buying properties that are already operating as holiday homes) so that they continue earning money as soon as the sale comes through.