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Realxy Stay is one of the leading property rental management company in dubai

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Airbnb Management Service Pricing

Our simple hosting package is designed to help you earn more and save time. Because let’s be honest, there are better things to do in a day.

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At Relaxy Stay, we pride ourselves on delivering a secure and quality service throughout. Our commission rate and hosting service are designed to keep things simple and ensure that you can get the most value out of your property. It includes 24/7 customer support, professional cleaners, and premium host insurance coverage. Get in touch to find out more about our services and how to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing FAQs

No, the commission stays the same throughout the year. This is the most transparent method, as we make money in proportion to your revenue – no more and no less.

Your property calendar and earnings are live on the portal, so you always see exactly how much you will earn from each booking. The monthly statement will also summarize this. If you ever need more details/breakdowns on a particular booking, the Client Support team can assist.

Yes. Property insurance is a requirement from DET to have your property live as a Holiday Home. You can do this yourself with any insurer of your choice, or we can do this for you. The cost is between AED 500-1800 per year depending on the size and valuables.

If there are no bookings, we don’t make any money. Hence, our incentives with our clients are totally aligned – we want to get you the most bookings at the highest rates, as that is how we get our fee.

There is a yearly DET license fee for each property, paid by the owner. The price is between AED 370 – 1270. Please see more details about this here