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Why do landlords prefer Relaxy Stay?

property rental management company in Dubai

Relaxy Stay is one of the leading property rental management companies in Dubai.
Relaxy Stay was established to serve international and national guests looking for hospitality standards within the furnished apartment.

Relaxy Stay platform (HOSTAWAY) is a desirable partner of Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking, and Expedia. Manage all inquiries, reservations, and guests at the office or on the go. See all activities in one place, know who’s coming and going and ensure all opportunities are turned into sales.

Relaxy Stay platform elevates discounts, special offers, long-term discounts, and check-in/check-out dates with fast and easy bulk edits. Automate owner statements and send them out automatically to owners – with the flexibility to adjust totals and account for owner stays.

Our Holiday homes illustrate quality in every aspect guests expect with excellent service. Our team is committed to making it happen with every guest stay, as this becomes our commitment to unit owners and guests.

Our Services

Cleaning & Management

We provide top-quality cleaning services between stays to ensure total guest contentment and plenty of five-star reviews. We also deal with any maintenance issues and quickly determine them, so your home can remain on top.

Listing Management

Our in-house writing and professional photography teams will generate the perfect profile to interest guests. Using our market knowledge, we can highlight your property’s top features to help it attract the utmost attention.

Interior Design

If your property needs furnishing, we offer significant interior design services with a busy turnaround time. From house utilities and furniture to art and accessories, we can finish your home to an out-of-the-way standard to look first-rate and attract guests year-round.

Management Support

Our guest management team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist with any issues that may arise. Our accounting team handles payments, platform fees, taxes, and insurance, while our administrative support team ensures Dubai government compliance. Please contact our client support team via our app or email for any questions.

Why Relaxy Stay?

24/7 guest support

We ensure that guests have access to help and support at any time, which can be particularly important in emergencies or unexpected situations.

Technology that works for you

Keep in touch with a digital revenue dashboard, booking notifications, our new Homeowner app, and other features.

Local teams that are dedicated

Our local experts constantly look for your home, keeping it safe, stocked, and spotless.

Variable Rental Approach

This approach ensures we shift between short and long-term rentals based on the market data. It's possible by tracking booking platforms, price variations and significant events. We make sure that you get all the slots.

Pricing Strategy

Our smart optimal pricing strategy is based on market trends and focuses on maximising your revenue. Continuous price optimisation ensures extra earnings on holidays and events and offers the best prices to fill empty bookings.

Five Star Experience

We care for housekeeping, linen, toiletries, and everything required for a comfortable stay. Our approach is designed to help position your property as highly rated.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Hotels and hotel apartments have different classifications. Only units that have RESIDENTIAL classification can be licensed as holiday homes.

As per DTCM Updated Regulations about Owner Stays:

The Unit owner shall not have the right to use the property for the duration of the contract unless stated in the agreement, and the limits of such usage shall be specified in detail;
However, you can use your property as per your Vacation Rentals Management contract terms, limited to 30 calendar days per year by default.

Note: All family members during the Owner’s Stay shall be registered correctly in the DTCM system.

By default, we expect all properties to have already connected utilities. If they don’t, then we’ll go ahead and activate them to start renting your property. Note that some services like DU or Etisalat (home internet with cable TV channels) require us to subscribe to a 12 or 24 months subscription to be activated and/or save on monthly fees for you.

As a tenant, you can sub-let one property only, subject to:

Having written approval from your Landlord authorizing you to sub-let the unit as a holiday home. You should have a valid tenancy contract and Ejari.

Regarding disconnection, it is the Landlord’s responsibility to handle it by default.

We’re sending payouts on or before the 15th of every month for rental proceeds incurred during the previous month’s period. If the 15th falls on Saturday or Sunday, the payout might be postponed to the next working day.
No, as per our Vacation Rentals Management agreement and because we’re responsible for the inventory and well-being of your property, you are not allowed to visit your property without making a written appointment with us.
About us

Relaxy Stay was established to cater the international and national guests looking for hospitality standards within the furnished apartment. Our Holiday homes represent quality in every aspect guests are expecting with great service our team is committed to making it happen with every guest stay, as this becomes our commitment to unit owners and guests.

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