It is crucial to stay updated with the industry when you are an Airbnb host or a vacation rental manager. But how do you find such relevant information? Where do you find fantastic strategies and tips to grow and expand your short-term rental business?

Well, there are several blogs and websites to help you get all the required information. But with such a plethora of information, you can get confused or overwhelmed. So, to save you time and effort, we have curated the top 10 vacation rental bogs that every Airbnb host must go through to know what is happening in their industry and what to expect in the current year.

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Relaxy Stay

Relaxy Stay is an established platform providing exceptional hospitality standards to international and national guests by providing them with quality homes and Airbnbs designed to meet the highest quality standards. We also offer interior designing, listing, management and support services to Airbnb and vacation rental property owners. 

The Relaxy Stay vacation rental blog is valuable for homeowners and vacation rental hosts. Our blog service is designed to provide exceptional knowledge and information about the best industry practices, hosting hacks and tips. It keeps the readers updated about the news and ongoing trends.

The Airbnb Blog

Getting straight to the source is easy to get the most precise and correct information. The Airbnb blog is the best blog to refer to to get the best tips, insights and Airbnb updates. 

It is an excellent information resource for beginner and experienced hosts. The best part about the Airbnb blog is that it has divided the content into different categories, ranging from events, stories, and hospitality to local news, wanderlust, etc. The content is even available in over ten languages. How amazing!


Hostaway is one of the industry’s fastest-growing vacation rental management solutions. It is a rental PMS and a channel manager with vast resources for vacation rental Airbnb managers. Its blog is a goldmine for getting insights into the STR trends for growth strategies and industry trends.

One thing that sets the Hostaway blog apart from the other blogs is that it covers and provides information on lesser-discovered topics like VRBO SEO, rental arbitrage, Airbnb laws and regulations, cancellation policies, and so much more.

Lifty Life

Lifty Life offers vacation rental management services across BC and Alberta, Canada. The blog provides some wonderful tips on vacation rental hosting that they have learnt from years of Airbnb management experience and market analysis blogs that help attract new homeowners.

Lifty Life’s blogs and articles are a great example of how B2C-focused blogs must be written to attract more customers and encourage new bookings


The Lodgify blog is packed with information on how to market your content, updates on the overall Airbnb and vacation rental management industry and the best tips to achieve maximum bookings. 

Their articles are a mix of vacation rental marketing to improving the guest experience, from industry updates to web designing and everything between them. For homeowners looking to increase their bookings or just looking for some insider knowledge, Lodgify would be super helpful.


Airdna is one of the best vacation rental blogs for market research and analytics. Airdna provides excellent insights to vacation rental entrepreneurs and investors. 

It tracks the day-to-day performance of thousands of listings in about 5000 cities worldwide and uses the data to present market reports and data products. These data products include occupancy rates, season demands and revenue from short-term vacation rentals.

Airdna is a helpful blog for people renting their own homes, managing other people’s properties or targeting new residential investments, and looking for intelligent decisions.


Ourbnb focuses on the interior design aspect. It is a cosy blog space managed by Fiona and Phil. Their blogs talk about stories and experiences, whether good or bad, tips and insights on streamlining the guest management process. However, their main focus is more on the interior decoration of the Airbnb properties. But there’s more in ther that just design. There is plenty of information on several aspects of decor, like tips and tricks on how to stock the kitchen utensil and accessories correctly, etc.

1Chic Retreat

1Chic Retreat’s blog , written by Mercedes Brennan, is about creating jaw-dropping vacation homes that will mesmerize customers and make them wait in line to book. She has no time for bland or generic rental homes or Airbnbs. Everyone has a different taste and style, and Mercedes has a strong eye for that. 

Her blogs will help you create and give your rental homes a trendy, edgy, urban look that will impress customers and attract more bookings.

Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing is a revenue management software reflecting their knowledge and expertise in their digital resources. The Beyond Pricing blog is a tremendous technical resource. It provides plenty of knowledge on the technical aspect of the industry, tips on how to keep up with the ever-changing technology, and valuable information on how to grow and earn enough revenue from vacation rentals.


Learnbnb is a massive platform for Airbnb and short-term rental hosts. The Learnbnb blog guides and provides relevant information to new and experienced hosts to succeed in their vacation rental history. It provides the latest news snippets and information along with the best hosting practices in the form of blog posts, articles and educational videos to offer the best experience to the customers and achieve maximum revenue. 

Referring and drawing information from their own finance experience, hospitality and real estate, the Learnbnb blog is a hub for readers and hosts worldwide.

Wrapping Up

With these top 10 blogs, you will have plenty of resources for the information you need based on the vacation rental industry. If you are interested in getting more information and educating yourself about the vacation rental industry, tune in to Relaxy Stay blogs, one of the top-rated vacation rental blogs that will keep you updated on the news, insight and trends.

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